aBout Darren the Dude:

First of all, my name is Darren.  I called myself "The Dude" back in 1984 when I started tattooing just to distinguish myself from my customers which I often called "Dude" or "Honey".  It makes me stand out a little, and usually makes people laugh, so I like it.

I remember way back, at a very young age, receiving accolades for my drawings.  Of course your own mother is supposed to like everything you create, and she did, but so did other people.  In the 3rd grade I entered a simple drawing contest and drew a dragon in front of a castle. I won first prize, a dollar.   This should have been around 1972, a dollar could buy a whole lot.  I never really stopped drawing since.

My mom was the first to do artwork in front of me.  Actually usually at night when I was supposed to be asleep, she would work on paintings or drawings for this correspondence art course she was taking.  She'd always have something new in the morning.  It seemed so magical to make something out of nothing.  I remember my mom and others telling me that you couldn't make a living being an artist.  What a shame for all the creative people out there.

I really enjoy the people I meet tattooing.  Tattooing is a people art.  It goes back to the Egyptian and the Pict Civilizations, but no one really knows who was the first.  I know that my work might make a gallery, if I'm very lucky a museum, but better than that it has made itself onto the bodies of many cool, happy people, and that's a huge compliment.